How is Slow Living Different to our Modern Lifestyle?

How is Slow Living Different to our Modern Lifestyle?

When you say, “how’s it going?” to someone, what’s the most common reply?

A raise of the eyebrows, a roll of the eyes, and, “busy…” is what I hear most.

Somehow we’ve managed to get ourselves into a constant state of busyness. When did this happen? Why do we suddenly need ridiculously complicated apps to plan out our days when pen and paper has done just fine for centuries? Why do we suddenly need to be notified of everything all day every day? Seriously, for what purpose?

Slow living is the antidote to that crazy (hellish) way of living that is a road straight to burnout. It’s prioritizing what you value most during the day. It’s allowing yourself the time and freedom to enjoy your life as it is right now. It’s taking the time to smell the roses instead of scurrying down the road to the next achievement.

Funnily enough, if you try to find out about slow living by reading around online you suddenly find yourself down another rabbit hole of information and to do lists, with a different set of online folks to compare yourself to (and usually find yourself lacking.)

Which is why I started this blog. I wanted to get back to simple. Simple is good.

So if you want to start living more slowly, just slow down. Whatever you’re doing – do it more slowly. Just slow enough so your shoulders relax and you start to appreciate something about where you are right now. That’s all. Just enough so that some of that chronic tension begins to ebb away.

Good enough is good enough, and simplicity is freedom.

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