Should You be Journaling?

Should You be Journaling?

If you want to, yes.

If you don’t want to, no.

If you want to but don’t know how to, here’s what you do:

Get a book and a pen, and write whatever you want to. If you want to keep a record of the daily events, do that. If you want to scribble until you make a hole in the page, do that. If you want to draw a doodle and then rage about how unjustly you were treated by that one person, do that. If one day you feel like doing one thing and the next day you feel like doing another, that’s completely fine.

I think having a private journal that is there simply for you to offload, or reflect, or play, or record, or make paper planes out of is a wonderful thing. As long as it serves you and not the other way round.

Having a journal that is just another burden – another ‘I need to do this or I’m failing’ – is not what it’s about. And if that’s how it feels you’re better off binning it.

As always, keep it simple, and keep it joyful.

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