You Don’t Need to Overhaul Everything, Just Do One Thing:

You Don’t Need to Overhaul Everything, Just Do One Thing:

After I became interested in slow living, I didn’t do anything about it for ages. I was like a rabbit stuck in headlights, so overwhelmed that even the thought of trying to slow down seemed too much for me. If you can relate to that feeling, here’s my advice.

Don’t try to change anything.

Instead practice mindfulness throughout the day.

As you bring your mindful awareness to what you are doing, you will naturally start to slow down, the overwhelm will start to drop and at some point, (and more quickly than you’d think), the clouds will clear and you’ll gain a little spark of clarity that will guide you on what to do next.

In order to bring more mindfulness into your day, you can just do these three things:

  1. Mindful Breathing: During the day keep bringing your attention to your breath. When you do, watch yourself inhaling and exhaling quietly and smoothly. Try to relax your muscles as you do so. That’s it. You can set a little alarm on your phone to do this regularly if that helps.
  2. Single-Tasking: When you plan your day, schedule one task at a time – don’t try to multitask. If you are interrupted during a task, either don’t accept the interruption, or if you do accept it then move your focus entirely to what is now happening. Only focus on one thing at a time. This takes a little leap of faith – when we’re overwhelmed we often try to keep multiple things in or minds at one time purely out of fear of losing ground.
  3. Mindful Transitions: Prioritize mindful transitions between activities. This means when you change what you’re doing, allow yourself a few moments to pause for a few soft breaths, and reset your focus before moving onto the next task.

If you do nothing else but bring mindfulness to your day using the three methods above, you will start to see things change in a wonderful way. There’s no need to rush slow living!

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